Led by VFX Supervisor Andreas Thomsen, Ghost VFX provided visual effects services on the show.

April 9, 2024


Former Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy.


Ghost VFX proudly worked on several shows in the Star Wars franchise. For Ahsoka, the work was primarily comprised of holograms, set extensions, creature augmentations, and adding or replacing droids.

“Besides the extensive hologram work, we also worked on a long sequence on planet Seatos. The sequence takes place at a Stonehenge-like site between a cliffside and a vast red forest. Our team spent a good amount of time getting the look and feel just right and worked on this environment across multiple sequences with different times of day and weather conditions. Besides the environment work, we also added ships landing and taking off and finally, executed several shots that called for droid animation, replacing the practical droid Huyang with our digital version.” - VFX Supervisor Andreas Thomsen


The team in Copenhagen did extensive design work on several hologram sequences. These included different types of hologram technology, as seen in Darth Sion’s ship, Eye of Sion, and at Grand Admiral Thrawn’s fortress on the planet Peridia. For all the set extension work, Ghost VFX was provided clear references from Lucasfilm.

“It’s always a real pleasure working with the team at Lucasfilm.” - VFX Supervisor Andreas Thomsen