The Mandalorian

Ghost VFX artists in Copenhagen proudly provided visual effects on season three of The Mandalorian.

July 6, 2023


The Mandalorian will cross paths with old allies and make new enemies as he and Grogu continue their journey together through the Star Wars galaxy.


Led by Ghost VFX Supervisor Andreas Thomsen, artists in Copenhagen have worked on all three seasons of The Mandalorian. For season three, Ghost VFX worked closely with the team at Lucasfilm to craft holograms, set extensions, droids and full CG creatures.

There’s a sequence in episode six that contains a medical droid we built. The droid malfunctions and starts shooting lasers everywhere. We spent a good number of hours on FX and look development to make the laser fire feel appropriate and plausible. In the same sequence, after the droid is chopped in half by Mando and his Darksaber, we also created the content of a computer monitor. The monitor’s screen is seen in a large portion of the sequence where Mando and Bo Katan work with a forensics scientist to investigate the source of the malfunctioning droids. It was a challenge to tell a story solely through what’s on the monitor -- the look of an electron microscope zooming into mechanical blood cells and nanobots. However, we feel that we came up with something quite unique and interesting to help solve the mystery.” – VFX Supervisor Andreas Thomsen


Lucasfilm provided the team at Ghost VFX with 3D content from Unreal Engine that was used with StageCraft LED screens. To solve most shots, Ghost VFX picked those sets apart, upped the resolution, and rendered them in V-Ray and Solaris. Another sequence of note in episode six takes place in a great palace hall where Jack Black and his Queen are playing a game of croquet and pinball, only the balls are all giant pillbugs. Ghost VFX created CG pillbugs and the FX on the pinball hoops, while adding several creatures - flying, swimming, and walking – to achieve a heightened fantasy environment. Throughout all three seasons of The Mandalorian, Ghost VFX has been honored to collaborate with Lucasfilm.