Albert Szostkiewicz

VFX Supervisor, Vancouver

April 6, 2023


Tell me a little about your background in VFX?  

With a 20-year background in the VFX industry, my journey began as a 3D Generalist in Polish advertising boutiques. Early on, I had the opportunity to supervise on-set for many projects and was fortunate to contribute to the visual effects of numerous feature films, including notable projects like Harry Potter. This experience propelled my career internationally, allowing me to work with renowned CG companies such as Weta Digital, Cinesite, Industrial Light & Magic, DNEG, and Sony Pictures Imageworks, among others while exploring various continents along the way.

In your own words how would you describe what you do at Ghost VFX?

As a VFX Supervisor at Ghost VFX, my primary responsibility is to ensure the seamless execution of our projects, meeting both deadlines and budgets while representing the talented artists that make up our team. It is essential to communicate effectively with clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life on screen.

What part of the job are you most passionate about?

What I am most passionate about in my work is seeing the final product on the big screen. After spending countless hours working on individual shots, witnessing the culmination of our efforts in the context of the entire film, complete with music and narrative, is incredibly rewarding and fuels our drive to create even more.

Is there a particular project that you’re proud of that you worked on in your career that you can discuss? If so, what was the project and what was the work you contributed?

One project that stands out in my career is Dune, where I supervised the FX work, mainly focusing on sand and worm sequences. The project was the longest I had worked on, and I was fortunate to collaborate with a highly skilled team of artists. As a fan of Denis Villeneuve's work, I am incredibly proud to have been a part of this project.

Any advice to others looking to break into VFX?

For those looking to break into the VFX industry, my advice is to stay passionate, focus on the artistry rather than the technical aspects, and never be afraid to ask questions. In this industry, your attitude is just as important as your skills, and we are all constantly learning from one another.

Where do you see the VFX industry headed in the next 5 years? What excites you about the future?

Looking ahead, the VFX industry is bound to be significantly impacted by advancements in AI, which will soon become an everyday tool for artists. While some aspects of VFX may change, we should embrace these innovations and be excited about the potential they hold for our industry. The future of VFX promises to be both challenging and thrilling, and I am eager to see where it takes us.