Matt Hansen

Matt Hansen VFX Supervisor, Toronto

January 26, 2023


Tell me a little about your background in VFX?  

I am proud to have been actively involved in the visual effects industry for the past 2 decades. Throughout that time my career has evolved from a 3D generalist to lead 3D supervisor and ultimately to a VFX supervisor. I have had the pleasure of witnessing how the advances in technology and need for content has progressed over the years and am honored to have been able to be able to contribute to the industry in a creative capacity. Having worked on several high-profile episodic projects including, Fargo, The Get Down and Hawaii Five-O in addition to prominent films, including, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Into the Woods, Twilight and Divergent, I have also received the privilege of being nominated on multiple occasions and awarded for my VFX work. I consistently strive to improve my approach and always work to nurture my creative eye to produce the highest quality VFX product in every aspect of what I engage in.

In your own words how would you describe what you do at Ghost?  

Like a master chef I take pride in working all ingredients to prepare only the highest-quality result!  At Ghost VFX, I delight in working to guide elements such as time, budget, client needs, vision and artistic goals in an effort to creative-problem-solve and both incite and encourage the most out of our artists. In this way, I continuously seek opportunities to push boundaries to foster incredible and rewarding outcomes that always align with client needs.

What part of the job are you most passionate about?  

Without question I pride myself on my passion for finding creative solutions that serve to advance visual effects. As a somewhat VFX ‘MacGyver’ of sorts, I absolutely love the challenge of seeking innovative solutions to even the most problematic scenarios both premeditated and on the fly.

Is there a particular project you worked on that you can discuss? If so, what was the project and what was the work you contributed?  

Working on Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock was a phenomenal experience for me. Combining my passion for VFX with my obsession for the nostalgia of Jim Henson’s iconic characters, Fraggle Rock has truly ascended as a highlight of my career! As one of the largest projects I have engaged in as VFX Supervisor, it was challenging, yet highly rewarding to push artistic boundaries and take risks on a regular basis. Interestingly, at one point during production there was a need to seamlessly integrate the puppets in practical water with 3D water. After gaining production’s trust, I had them build a neoprene water slide for the puppeteers to physically slide their puppets down while water misted them. This out of the box creative solution not only worked to facilitate a harmonious integration of real water with 3D water in the end, but also served to showcase that sometimes the unconventional can be truly incredible!

Any advice to others looking to break into VFX?  

It’s important to take the time to research what you want to do within the VFX industry, be passionate about the effort you are willing to put into it and be realistic about what you hope to get out of it!

Where do you see the VFX industry headed in the next 5 years? What excites you about the future?

The future of VFX is promising and I’m really excited to contribute to where it’s headed! While the boom of steaming-content displays no signs of dwindling, the demand for VFX will likely not only increase in the film/television industry, but also make its presence known in other industries as well (based on the expansion and need for virtual presentation in such areas as real-estate, fashion and even medicine, for example.) I’m also enthusiastic about new developments in technology and how virtual sets for example will become integrated into our workflow.  

Is there anything else you’d like to mention or add?  

I am truly thrilled to be part of such a great company and am eager to continue contributing to Ghost VFX’s creative powerhouse team of personnel!